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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You - The Process

Once you decide that Lindsay can help you, here is an outline of how the process works. I thought it would be useful for You to understand upfront how we will work together.

Concerned About Hypnosis?

If you’re worried about hypnosis, it’s reassuring to know that during the session you will:

In other words, it’s quite safe. In fact it’s rather exciting, in a very peaceful way.

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After you contact me by phone, email or fill in my enquiry form

A relaxing atmosphere for your therapy session My Therapy pattern for virtually everyone I see almost regardless of need takes the following format after the initial contact:

We agree:

Your 1st 30mins Consultation will be with Carol Heron whose empathy and understanding you'll readily relax to..... Followed immediately after with Lindsay who will introduce you to the process of deep relaxation and what's behind Hypnotherapy the Body/Mind state we call Hypnosis and NLP and how this will help you overcome your concerns with comfort and ease. We will waylay any fears of the process of Hypnosis, reassurance of my Email reply and confirmation that you will walk away post therapy from my Garden Therapy Lounge, or Blairgowrie Physiotherapy Treatment centre, 'feeling 100% better than you are feeling right now'.

You will re-learn how to breath deeper from the diaphragm. Where so many uncomfortable gut feelings are held,  you are shown how to release the uncomfortable associations of physical sensations Stuck (stuck states) in just 15 mins or so.

You will already feel better Physically and realise already the benefit of this technique that you can use anytime, anywhere in the future when you feel stressed, anxious, or whatever you have perceived / associated with / which for you, has been your issue / issues. 30 mins in,  Hypnotherapy NLP process begins (everyone receives this)

End of Session

If it takes 3hours 45mins so be it. If it takes longer 4+ hours, so be it.

You will stay in The Hypnotic Trance state until you can feel the difference.

Walk away feeling..... Relief, Refreshed, Re-focused, Re-energised and with high expectations about the changes you are already feeling about a new life, new lifestyle

YOUR PAST Well and truly behind you with Time-Line Therapy all as part of the feeling better generalised Therapy that everyone receives.

That's every package> For Personal or Business packages etc Same applies to their specifically chosen topics

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‘Results may vary from person to person’, ‘Full recovery is not guaranteed in all cases; however, our aim is to help you with your symptoms’

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