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Lindsay Heron

Helping others to help themselves....
is key to allowing clients / patients the opportunity
to change their lives for the better.

Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist - Lindsay Heron

How Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis can help you. You can help yourself feel better from physical or mental issues without the need for medication or doctors.

Remember it's your life and you have the power of your own Subconscious hidden resources to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

It is your life. Why not enjoy it?

I can help You Deal with Every Aspect of
Physical and Mental Health Issues

Health Issues covered

Hypnotherapy Passion

I carry on the Hypnotherapy & NLP Therapy 40 year family tradition after my father Norman MacVean Heron (1909-1995) born Lossiemouth Morayshire - former Dental Surgeon LDS RCS (Royal College of Surgeons) Edinburgh & former founder Member of the British Society of Medical & Dental Hypnosis in North East England.

I am passionate about 'helping you to help yourself' to identify those underlying inappropriate issues, those often invasive & uncomfortable Body / Mind Overwhelming Emotions, Feelings, Sensations, Associations and so on, that can churn unhelpfully, seemingly and evidently becoming uncomfortable stuck 'Gut States'.

I will guide you through a gentle, compassionate method of mind adjustment that can help you restore a sense of:

  • Body & Mind Peace & Tranquility
  • Harmony & Balance
  • Sense of Calm
  • Realigned Focus & Concentration Capabilities
  • Renewed senses of Control
  • Restored Self-Esteem & Boosted Confidence
  • More Comfort & Tranquility in your Life
  • Maintaining and ensuring a Safer, Healthier YOU
  • New found restored and enhanced senses of Well-being, comfort and control
  • You back on track in control with Re-defined Goals, Dreams & Aspirations

Your session will permanently and effectively address your demons, frustrations, anxieties, those personal & work stressors of Life, Addictions, Phobias and so on.

Lindsay is one of the few Hypnotherapists who guarantees your success - he is so confident you will succeed that he offers a free follow up session if you feel you need it.

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With many satisfied clients and proven techniques, I can help you make your life better.

‘Results may vary from person to person’, ‘Full recovery is not guaranteed in all cases; however, our aim is to help you with your symptoms’

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